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Episode 4: Great Ontario Salmon Derby

2014 Season
Lake Ontario is home to some of the finest salmon fishing in the world.

Tune in as host Mike  Miller  sets his sights on landing a prize winning 40 pounder in the Great Ontario Salmon Derby!

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Episode 13: Through the Ice

From a free ice fishing festival with hundreds of families on the ice, to a trek through the Haliburton Highlands on snowshoes. Mike samples some fine Ontario fishing through the ice for trout and panfish. Watch Online

Episode 12: Enter the Matrix

Archery is the fastest growing segment in hunting today and crossbows are all the rage. In this episode Mike takes one of the worlds fastest, lightest and most accurate crossbows for a test drive.Tune in and see how far Mike can extend the limits with the Excalibur...

Episode 11: Pickering Pike

Anglers in search of steady pike fishing action often head to the far north reaches of the country. Little do they know that there is good pike fishing in Pickering.Pickering is a city in the Great Toronto Area (GTA) and  is an urban anglers pike fishing dream come...

Episode 10: Late Season Archery

Mike is trying to fill his last tag during the extended whitetail deer archery seasons, but early winter snow and freezing temps will challenge him not only to harvest an animal but endure the worst mother nature can throw at him.Tune in to see how Mike makes out with...

Episode 9: X-Rated Smallmouth

Smallmouth bass are a targeted fish for their aggressive hard fighting behaviours. In this episode Mike unleashes a whole new arsenal of X-rated Rapala lures that create total mayhem for all the hardcore bass addicts. Tune in to catch all the action and see why...

Episode 8: Thunder Bay Deer

More and more townships are recognizing the need to have archery seasons in suburban areas to help manage deer populations. In this episode Mike heads to Thunder Bay where the pilot project was created to try his luck. Watch Online

Episode 7: Spring Kings

The Great Lakes are home to several trout and salmon species, but the true king is the Chinook salmon.In this episode host Mike Miller joins Rapala Pro Staff member Aldo Nava of Niagara Fishing Adventures and Richard Yantha of Johnston Outdoors Canada to chase kings...

Episode 6: More Quebec Caribou

After some hectic travel and a small sample of the great hunting and fishing Quebec has to offer with Jack Hume Adventures and Quebec Outfitters, Mike finally sets his crosshairs on what will be his first ever bull caribou. Tune in and see what great adventures...

Episode 5: Quebec Caribou

Quebec's subarctic region is home to some of the largest migrating Caribou herds in the world.In this two part adventure host Mike Miller travels to Northern Quebec to sample some of Quebec's great fishing and hunting courtesy of Jack Hume Adventures and Quebec...

Episode 4: Great Ontario Salmon Derby

Lake Ontario is home to some of the finest salmon fishing in the world. Tune in as host Mike  Miller  sets his sights on landing a prize winning 40 pounder in the Great Ontario Salmon Derby! Watch Online

Episode 3: Ontario Dove Hunt

North America's most popular game bird now has an open season in Ontario.Host Mike Miller is joined by Dr. Scott Petrie, Executive Director of Long Point Waterfowl, to take part in Ontario's first mourning dove hunt. Tune in to see how Mike and the team does. Watch...

Episode 2: Spinning Steelhead

The Great Lakes tributaries offer some of North America's finest steelhead fishing. In this episode host Mike Miller goes old school and busts out some aggressive tactics to hook up with hard fighting rainbow trout. Watch Online

Episode 1: Land O’Lakes Turkey Hunt

Angler & Hunter Television host Mike Miller starts the 2014 season off with a wild turkey hunt in the Land O' Lakes region. This region is only a couple hours east of Toronto and is one of the province's most accessible wildernesses. Tune in to see if Mike is...

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