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Get the Drop on a Gobbler

— EPISODE DETAILS  — Turkey hunting certainly looks easy when you see it on television – make a call, shoot a turkey. The reality is lots of scouting, spotting birds and setting up can be a lot of work. After doing all of that and then not getting...

Under the Turkey Roost

— EPISODE DETAILS  — Setting up close to a wild turkey roost is the ultimate challenge and Angler & Hunter Television host Mike Miller has some big toms roosted right above him.   — GEAR/PRODUCT LIST  — Burris Droptine Binoculars...

Episode 1: Backwoods Turkey

Angler & Hunter Television host Mike Miller locates some prime strutting areas in the backwoods of central Ontario and tries to set an ambush for a Tom.

Episode 5: 20 Ga. Turkey

With Angler & Hunter Television host Mike Miller’s daughter only a year or so away from getting her hunting licence, Mike brings her out to show her that a 20G shotgun will be effective in taking down a wild turkey.