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Episode 2: Bearbeque Season

2018 Season
Angler & Hunter Television | 2018 Season Episode 2
Host Mike Miller finds out that harvesting a black bear for a spit roast BBQ proves to be a challenge during the rainy spring months.

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Episode 1: Smallmouth Terminator

Host Mike Miller tries to track down big aggressive smallmouth bass with fast moving spinnerbaits and ripping Rapala jerkbaits.Watch Online

Episode 2: Bearbeque Season

Host Mike Miller finds out that harvesting a black bear for a spit roast BBQ proves to be a challenge during the rainy spring months.Watch Online

Episode 3: Quebec Gold

Host Mike Miller travels to the wilds of Northern Quebec and visits Domaine Shannon to take in some of Quebec's incredible walleye fishing. For more on what great outdoor opportunities the province of Quebec has to offer visit the Quebec Outfitters website.Watch...

Episode 4: First Timer Black Bear

Host Mike Miller heads to the Rivard Camp in Thunder Bay in hopes of harvesting his first bear with his Bowtech Reign 7 compound bow. Mike is joined by Robyn Moyle who, with the help of past OFAH President Glenn Rivard, looks to harvest her very first black bear.Watch...

Episode 5: Over the Top Bass

Host Mike Miller goes old school with a new class of Rapala Terminator buzzbaits and frogs to get some incredible top water largemouth bass action.Watch Online

Episode 6: Rack Stacker Stak’D Whitetail hunt

Host Mike Miller tests the newest Rack Stacker mineral on a stump and within days the whitetail are all over it. With the odds Stak'D in his favour, and his trusty Excalibur in hand, Mike hopes to get an early season buck on the ground.Watch Online

Episode 7: Slam Dunking Largemouth

Dunking weeds is a tried and true way of putting largemouth in the boat, but not all weeds are created equal. Host Mike Miller breaks down what to use and where to look for weeds that hold active largemouth bass.Watch Online

Episode 8: Youth Hunters on the Rise

The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) is making it easier for teenagers to get into hunting through hunters education and coordinating mentored hunts across Ontario.  On this episode host Mike Miller takes a couple teenagers on their very first goose...

Episode 9: Lake Ontario Tyee

Catching a Chinook salmon over 30 Lbs is a monumental task but with the right boat and gear the odds of hooking into a Tyee Chinook are pretty good. Join host Mike Miller as he takes to Lake Ontario in hopes of landing a nice salmon.Watch Online

Episode 10: Hunting is for the Dogs

Dogs are man's best friend and a hunting dog is an invaluable companion. From a house pet to a champion bird dog this episode highlights the Spaniel breeds that make hunting upland game so popular.Watch Online

Episode 11: Kesagami Father’s Day Fly-In

Fishing is a tradition that is passed from generation to generation. Host Mike Miller, who was introduced to fishing by his dad, intends on passing the tradition along to his daughter and a fly-in fishing trip to Kesagami Wilderness Lodge is the ultimate initiation...

Episode 12: Kesagami Pike Hunt

After spending a couple days fishing with his dad and daughter, host Mike Miller gets the lowdown on what makes Kesagami one of Ontario's best fishing destinations then goes hunting for some giant early season northern pike.Watch Online

Episode 13: After School Special

Getting outdoors and experiencing hunting and fishing is something often saved for weekends or holidays. With more and more hunting and fishing opportunities available to us than ever before, host Mike Miller shows just how easy it is to get your kids outdoors even if...

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