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2016 Season

Latest entries from the 2016 season

Episode 7: Break the Surface

Mike Miller takes a variety of Rapala top water lures and tries to trick some giant fish into breaking the surface. Breath taking strikes and heart pounding action are in store if he hooks up! read more

Episode 6: Rib Eye of the sky

Angler & Hunter Television host Mike Miller heads to the province of Saskatchewan to take part in a Sandhill crane hunt. These big migrators make for some of the finest table fare and challenge even the best wing shooters. read more

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2015 Season

Miss an episode from last season? Take a minute to check it out here.

Episode 12: Trolling is Trending

We all know how boring it can be trolling a spinner behind the boat, but there is a new trend in trolling and never have we had access to so much technology that will keep us on the fish. On this episode host Mike Miller takes to the Bay of Quinte to see if he can... read more

Episode 10: Quebec Salmon Hunt

In this episode host Mike Miller travels to the beautiful Gulf of St. Lawrence in search of Quebec’s legendary Ouananiche with fishing guide Sebastien. For more information on fishing in Quebec, visit the Quebec Outfitters website. Watch... read more

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