Catch the new season of AHTV starting January 2020.


Starting January 2020 you can catch all new outdoor action with host Mike Miller.

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2020 Season

Episode 13: Fall Muskie and Bass

With one last chance to catch some aggressive shallow water muskie, AHTV host Mike Miller heads out with his pal Jake Danson for some back lake action. Later, with just his 12 foot Jon boat, Mike sneaks into a mill pond looking to flip some lunker bass out of flooded...

Episode 12: Wild Walk in the Woods

Walking in the woods is a great way to get some exercise see nature and also try your luck at hunting some small game. As Brownie scours the bushes and August keeps a keen eye, AHTV host Mike Miller hopes to bag some small game with his .22 Browning while out for a...

Episode 11: Finesse Smallmouth

Flat calm and clear water often poses a challenge for getting finicky post spawn smallmouth bass to bite. But with a variety of finesse presentations AHTV host Mike Miller shows how you can turn frustration into elation.Watch Online

Episode 10: Diver Duck Stew

Lake Ontario is home to a massive winter population of long tail ducks, notorious for diving into deep water to feed on mussels and crustaceans. These fast flyers also make for great wing shooting and a hearty holiday season Irish stew.Watch Online

Episode 9: Cranking Summer Walleye

Catching walleye in the middle of summer is often a challenge as fishing deep with live bait or even fishing after dark seem to be the only ways to catch them. However Kevin Lavers from Merland Park Resort doesn’t agree and shares his shallow cranking method that...

Episode 8: Deer hunt bunkhouse

Expanding the square footage of your deer camp just got easier. With a younger generation joining the group AHTV host Mike Miller decides that adding a bunkhouse from old hickory buildings will save a lot of work and make room for some extra hunters in camp this...

Episode 7: Spin bait smallies

Fishing lures never stop evolving, and the Storm Lure Company has mastered the latest craze of Spy Baits. Angler & Hunter Television host Mike Miller is out trying the Arashi spin bait for the first time and finds it’s a simple cast and retrieve lure that will...

Episode 6: Man’s Best Friend

Having a dog can certainly make life interesting, having a dog that hunts…well that makes life a little easier! Angler & Hunter Television host Mike Miller takes his best friend Brownie on his first ever pheasant hunt.Watch Online

Episode 5: Algoma Getaway (Part 2)

On the second half of a summer road trip, Angler & Hunter Television host Mike Miller and daughter August head to the north shores of Lake Huron in Ontario’s Algoma Country. Brennan Harbour Resort is their destination for some great fishing and island hopping that...

Episode 4: Algoma Getaway (Part 1)

Angler & Hunter Television host Mike Miller and his daughter August head to the Waterfalls Lodge for the first half of a father daughter summer road trip. The bass biting and the fun and games outside make this trip one every family should experience.Watch Online

Episode 3: The 3 Bears

With the Ontario spring bear hunt in full swing and the black bear population thriving, host Mike Miller sets up a stand close to home and spends a few days in a tree with his daughter August in hopes of harvesting a bear in the woods. All less than 30 minutes from...

Episode 2: Danson Family Lake Trout Legends

Giant lakers lurk in the deep waters of Lake Huron and Angler & Hunter Television host  Mike Miller takes a trip to the Danson family cottage near Parry Sound Ontario. Mike meets up with Jake Danson and the two jig for Lake Trout off the shores of Killbear...

Episode 1: Lookin’ for Long Beards

Angler & Hunter Television host Mike Miller heads to an Eastern Ontario outfitter with Kevin Lavers from Merland Park Resort.  The dual tries for a double using Excalibur Crossbows.Watch Online