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Starting January 2020 you can catch all new outdoor action with host Mike Miller.

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2019 Season

Episode 13: Celebrating 25 years

A look back at some of the milestones the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) has achieved over the past 25 years. From starting a television show in the early 1990s featuring round table discussions, to elk and salmon reintroductions in Ontario. Host...

Episode 12: White-tail with the Assassin

Angler & Hunter Television host Mike Miller is challenged with tough conditions through countless days in the stand trying to get a white-tailed buck within range of his new Excalibur Assassin. It's late in the season and unless a miracle happens it will be tag...

Episode 11: Hunting is a Family Affair

Introducing kids to the outdoors and hunting is a great way to make sure that our heritage continues for generations to come, but sharing a wild game meal can also be a great way to celebrate this great tradition. Watch Online

Episode 10: Wake Bait Bass

Busting largemouth bass on the surface is about as exciting as it gets and Angler & Hunter Television host Mike Miller is working wake baits and swim baits just under the surface for nonstop bass action. Watch Online

Episode 9: Brownie’s Ready

Angler & Television host Mike Miller's newest family member (Brownie) the chocolate lab is more than just a house pet. Mike shows that with a little training your four legged friend can also be a versatile gun dog. Watch Online

Episode 8: Strolling Shallow Water for Whitefish

Host Mike Miller shares a new trick for catching giant whitefish in the spring. Dragging crankbaits over shallow rocks makes for some wicked whitefish action. Watch Online

Episode 7: Night Fishing Mission

Lake Ontario is home to leviathan-sized walleye usually found in deep water. But when the sun sets, host Mike Miller takes his friend with a boat out to try casting and strolling the shallows with Rapala jerkbaits for aggressive night feeders. Watch...

Episode 6: Silent Turkeys

Angler & Hunter Television host Mike Miller shows that sometimes making no sounds at all can bring in a sneaky gobbler or two during the spring turkey hunt. Browning A5 information Watch Online

Episode 5: St-Cyr Royal

Angler & Hunter Television host Mike Miller flies into the wilderness of Northern Quebec to experience St-Cyr Royal, a 5-star fishing lodge, and chase monster pike. Watch Online

Episode 4: Bowfishing Carp

Angler & Hunter Television host Mike Miller Mike tries his hand at bowfishing for Carp in shallow water utilizing the new Bowtech Edge Sonar compound bow. Watch Online

Episode 3: Walking and Popping for Smallies

Angler & Hunter Television host Mike Miller is joined by Dustin Rhodes of Lucky Strike nets. Casting Storm and Rapala topwater lures for smallies and testing out some of the newest nets. Watch Online

Episode 2: Crossbow Turkey

Angler & Hunter Television host Mike Miller tries to trick a tom into range of his Excalibur 308 short crossbow. He pulls out all the stops and shows how easy it can be to miss the target by fractions of an inch. Watch Online

Episode 1: Sun Fishing Fun

Angler & Hunter Television host Mike Miller shows how to locate and catch deep water sunfish during the summer months. Mike is joined by his daughter who puts on a catching clinic in a friendly father/daughter competition. Watch Online