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2015 Season

Latest entries from the 2015 season

Episode 13: Perchin for MS

Ice fishing is a great way to spend a day, a weekend or even a week long winter vacation! There are even competitions where teams hit the ice in hopes of winning major cash and prizes. One such event that has become extremely popular over the past few years is held every year on Lake Simcoe is Perchin for MS…

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Episode 12: Trolling is Trending

We all know how boring it can be trolling a spinner behind the boat, but there is a new trend in trolling and never have we had access to so much technology that will keep us on the fish. On this episode host Mike Miller takes to the Bay of Quinte to see if he can... read more

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2014 Season

Latest entries from the 2014 season

Episode 13: Through the Ice

From a free ice fishing festival with hundreds of families on the ice, to a trek through the Haliburton Highlands on snowshoes. Mike samples some fine Ontario fishing through the ice for trout and panfish. Watch... read more

Episode 12: Enter the Matrix

Archery is the fastest growing segment in hunting today and crossbows are all the rage. In this episode Mike takes one of the worlds fastest, lightest and most accurate crossbows for a test drive.Tune in and see how far Mike can extend the limits with the Excalibur... read more

Episode 11: Pickering Pike

Anglers in search of steady pike fishing action often head to the far north reaches of the country. Little do they know that there is good pike fishing in Pickering.Pickering is a city in the Great Toronto Area (GTA) and  is an urban anglers pike fishing dream come... read more


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