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2017 Season

Episode 13: Rack Stack the Odds in Your Favour

The last few weeks of December can bring out the biggest bucks and Mike is headed to Tweed, Ontario to see if the Rack Stacker Ranch can produce one. Watch...
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Episode 12: Winter Wonderland

Host Mike Miller walks out on a lake and drills through the ice in hopes of hooking into Rainbow and Brook Trout. Watch...
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Episode 11: Superior Musky and Bass

Host Mike Miller travels to Lake Superior in hopes of tapping into the little known musky and bass fishing haven hiding in its many tributaries. Watch...
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Episode 10: Flight of the Falcon

Host Mike Miller is joined by falconry expert, Maya Basdeo, as they introduce a newly-trained falcon to hunting in the wild. Watch...
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Episode 9: Great Ontario Salmon Derby

On this episode Mike highlights the winners of the Great Ontario Salmon Derby and the giant salmon that call Lake Ontario home. Watch...
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Episode 8: Counting Crows

Mike travels to Southwestern Ontario to see first-hand the massive crow migration, and the damage they can cause. Watch...
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Episode 7: Quebec Outfitter Experience

Host Mike Miller travels to Northern Quebec in search of Leaf River Lodge's mighty Atlantic Salmon. Watch...
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Episode 6: His and Hers Bear Hunt

Mike travels to Thunder Bay to take part in a spring black bear hunt with Debbie Rivard. Watch...
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Episode 5: Froggin’ for Bass

Mike is joined by a teenaged bass phenomenon, and they unleash the Storm Frog on unsuspecting bass in Kingston. Watch...
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Episode 4: Treestand Turkey

Host Mike Miller attempts to harvest a wild turkey while bowhunting from a treestand. Watch...
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Episode 3: Cranked up Perch

Host Mike Miller fishes mini crankbaits on Lake Simcoe in Southern Ontario for early season jumbo perch. Watch...
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Episode 2: Ontario Spring Black Bear

Mike travels to Northeastern Ontario to take part in a spring black bear hunt with Big Bear Down Outfitter. Watch...
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Episode 1: Cookin’ Up Crispy Crappies

Mike travels to Lake Scugog in Southern Ontario to catch ice out crappies and bring them home for a fish fry with his daughter. Watch...
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